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How to apply for Master's and Doctoral Degree Programs
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Applicants who apply for master's and doctoral degree programs should send the scanned copy of the documents to the email of Yangtze University fao@yangtzeu.edu.cn as follows.

1. Yangtze University Application Form(Download)

2. Degree certificate

3. Official transcript of higher learning institution

4. Photocopy of passport

5. Personal statement

6. Two letters of recommendation

7. Certificate of health


Applicants who apply for master degree should be below 35 years old.

Applicants who apply for doctor degree should be below 45 years old.

Applicants must take Physical Examination after arrival.If applicants' result of Physical Examination is not fit for the residence permit, applicants must leave the university.

Please follow the format of documents as follows.

1. The name of email.

If you want to apply for Yangtze University, please tell us your age, nationality and programs you want to apply for.

PS:  full name +program+ country

2. Yangtze University Application Form

Please fill out the electronical Yangtze University Application Form carefully, because the government will check documents carefully.

Send us electronical Yangtze University Application Form (word format)by email.

Please put your picture in Yangtze University Application Form.

3. Other documents

Please name all documents and send students' other documents (not including Yangtze University Application Form) in JPG, not PDF. Government's system only accepts JPG and word format documents, because government will check all electronical documents online.

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