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Master's Degree Programs
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Master's programs (Duration:3 years)

n  IndustrialEconomics

n  RuralRegional Development

n  AgriculturalTechnology Organization and Service

n  AgriculturalInformatization

n  Agricultureand Forest Economics and Management

n  CulturalIndustry Management

n  TheoreticalPhysics

n  Atomicand Molecular Physics

n  Optics

n  RadioPhysics

n  EnvironmentalScience

n  EnvironmentalEngineering

n  ChemicalTechnology

n  BiochemicalEngineering

n  AppliedChemistry

n  IndustrialCatalysis

n  MaterialChemistry

n  MaterialEngineering

n  ChemicalEngineering

n  Oil andGas Well Engineering

n  Oil andGas Field Development Engineering

n  Oil andGas Storage and Transportation Engineering

n  AppliedChemistry in Oil and Gas Fields

n  Oil andGas Engineering

n  SolidGeophysics

n  SpacePhysics

n  Oil andGas Exploration Technology

n  GeophysicalLogging

n  Cartigraphyand Geography Information System

n  Mineralogy,Petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology

n  Paleontologyand Stratigraphy

n  ArchitectonicGeology

n  QuaternaryGeology

n  MineralResource Prospecting and Exploration

n  GeologicalEngineering

n  Geochemistry

n  MechanicalManufacture and Automation

n  MechatronicEngineering

n  MechanicalDesign and Theory

n  VehicleEngineering

n  Oil-gasEquipment Safety Engineering

n  FluidMachinery Engineering

n  Petroleumand Mine Machinery

n  MechanicalEngineering

n  AgriculturalMechanization

n  Communicationand Information System

n  Signalsand Information Processing

n  DetectionTechnology and Automation Equipments

n  Oil andGas Exploring Instruments and Equipments

n  Electronicsand Communication Engineering

n  ComputerScience and Technology

n  SoftwareEngineering

n  ComputerTechnology

n  GeotechnicalEngineering

n  StructuralEngineering

n  MunicipalEngineering

n  HeatingGas Supply, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Engineering

n  DisasterPrevention & Reduction Engineering and Protection Engineering

n  Bridge& Tunnel Engineering

n  ProjectManagement

n  Architectureand Civil Engineering

n  Ecology

n  CropScience

n  AgriculturalGeology

n  PlantProtection

n  SeedScience

n  LandscapeArchitecture

n  PlantResources and Horticultural Utilization

n  Horticulture

n  Aquaculture

n  Fishery

n  Botany

n  Zoology

n  Physiology

n  Hydrobiology

n  Microbiology

n  Genetics

n  DevelopmentalBiology

n  CellBiology

n  Biochemistryand Molecular Biology

n  Biophysics

n  Prataculture

n  InternalMedicine

n  Pediatrics

n  Neurology

n  Psychiatryand Psychohygiene

n  Dermatologyand Venereal Disease

n  Imagingand Nuclear Medicine

n  ClinicalLaboratory Diagnostics

n  Surgery

n  Gynecologyand Obstetrics

n  Ophthalmology

n  Otolaryngology

n  Oncology

n  Anesthesiology

n  EmergencyMedicine

n  Nursing

n  Accounting

n  EnterpriseManagement

n  TechnologicalEconomics and Management

n  BusinessAdministration (MBA)

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