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In April, 2003, Yangtze University was established upon the merger of former Jianghan Petroleum University, Hubei Agricultural University, Jingzhou Teacher’s University and Hubei Vocational Medical Staff College through the approval of the Ministry of Education, China.


The former Jianghan Petroleum University was originally affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation. It grew out of Beijing Petroleum Industry School founded in Beijing in 1950 and was named Jianghan Petroleum College with general university education in 1978. In 2000, the former Jianghan Petroleum University was put under the administration of Hubei Provincial Government.


The former Hubei Agricultural University grew out of Central China Agricultural College at Jingzhou initially established in 1977 and developed to be a general university upon the approval of the State Committee of Education in 1989.


The former Jingzhou Normal University grew out of Hubei No. 4 Normal School founded in 1936 and was named Jingzhou Normal College in 1978. It was combined to be Jingzhou Normal University with other schools in 1999.


The former Hubei Vocational Medical Staff College was initially established in 1951 and renamed Wuhan Medical College at Jingzhou in 1977. In 1984 the college at Jingzhou changed its name to be Hubei Medical Staff College.